Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Scrap the gun registry now

The following appeared in The National Post

Scrap the gun registry now, says veteran

Recently the snail mail brought a demand for $60 from Canada Firearms Centre (CFC) for a renewal of a Firearms Licence. It also demanded a recent ID photograph, one taken to rigidly specified criteria, the cost of which photo I have yet to determine. The icing on this cake is that the enclosed return envelope required a stamp. I am a pensioner on a fixed income; my money hears more urgent calls than this one from CFC.

The CFC demand also included threats -- four of them -- to the effect that if I failed to comply promptly with this demand I would permanently lose the privilege to keep those firearms.

I happen to be a grandfather, an octogenarian and a retired professional warrior -- a veteran of two wars (three if you count the Cold War). I take offence at being dictated to in this cavalier manner by public servants whose salaries I pay. Enough. Let this misbegotten spawn of the disgraced Liberal party be summarily struck from the public payroll. Struck forthwith. Mr. Harper, it's time to act!

I am concerned about my security in my own home and I want to see my taxes spent on the expansion of our chronically overburdened police forces. Mr. Harper should do away with the Firearms Registry and use that money to hire more police officers, rather than spending those dollars on a nonsensical registry which is aimed at taking away my last line of defence.

Mr. Harper, Au Secours! (Help!)

W.L.D. (Bill) Farrell, Lieutenant-Commander (ret'd), Royal Canadian Navy, East Lawrencetown, N.S.

I agree totally and add my two cents.
As a retired pilot who was authorized to carry a nuclear weapon to the enemy if the balloon ever went up, as one who has qualified to drop bombs, shoot rockets, fire 20MM cannons, machine guns, rifles, and pistols and given command of supersonic fighter aircraft; an experienced hunter who has successfully hunted moose, elk, deer,antelope, buffalo, many species of upland game and waterfowl, raised and trained retrievers because I cared about the conservation of game, hunted with bow and arrow on horseback, I REALLY resent the gun registry. I probably know more about the responsibilities and safe use of weapons than all the assholes who dreamed up the gun registry socialist plot against the people of Canada combined, and then some. My blood boils at the thought of the arrogant and disgraceful waste of our hard earned money and the total disregard of personal freedoms. Remember that Hitler passed the first national gun control laws in the world and he used the same reasons that the pinkos in OW used.

I nods to Agent Clauswitz


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