Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Let's Nail Staples!

Just found out that Staples, the huge office-supplier, has cancelled its TV advertising on all Sinclair news programming. The reason: Media matters of America started a campaign against Sinclair because V.P. Mark Hyman has a daily commentary which is conservative and MMA call that media bias. Staples said they are cutting the ads partly because of e-mails from customers. While Staples has the right to do what they want I find it highly disturbing that they would cut and run because of a few e-mails when Sinclair has shown no bias whatsoever. Any station can comment in whatever way they choose. This calls for a few e-mails to Staples and perhaps when it comes time to buy office products head on over to Dicks or any other store. Send e-mails here.

I nods to Captains Quarters


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