Monday, January 03, 2005

Eye Of The Beholder

For the edification of those erudite individuals sequestered throughout my sphere of influence, small as it is, I can only say " I sees what I sees," as opposed to Will Rogers who said, I only know what I read in the papers." In those days Will didn't know he was being lied to as opposed to today where it has reached epidemic proportions, but we have an antidote. Thanks to the blogisphere.
A 24 Dec Ottawa Citizen editorial critising Danny Williams was little more than a thinly disguised Liberal hit piece. The tone was set to attack Williams while really ignoring the situation. The most condescending and obviously totally ignorant line was left to the end where Newfoundlanders were called on to really tell Danny to smarten up. Bottom line: The Ottawa Citizen, to take a phrase from Dickens, “Is a ass." The smarmy, self righteous liberal toadies have no clue about Newfoundland; they tell "newfie" jokes and consider the populace to be an island of morons, including Labrador. The only reason the OC is jumping on the Martin bandwagon is because once you are on your knees, well a pat on the head feels good.
Today, right here in Good old St. John's we had the local Rag, The Evening Telegram post a picture of a lone individual in front of the Conglomeration Building holding a Canadian flag. One man, no support, not one. HEY Ottawa Citizen, take a good look. The folks here have had it! The local radio call in show on VOCM, yah, you read that right VOCM, not CF bla bla took a survey and 75% of the callers support Danny. This place is slow to learn, I will admit, we lost just about the entire Newfoundland Regiment in one battle on July 1st 1916, we lost our independence on April Fools day 1949, we lost our fishery , we were forced to give away our electricity, we gave away our minerals, our pulp wood. What's next? How silly of me! The oil! Of course! "Dumb Newfs don't need that; they are content with the baby bonus and the old age pension and a few turnips and cabbage and salt beef. Yup, us Upper Canada types appreciate the finer things of life, what do bay wops know anyway."
Quebec is cow-towed to at every turn, they can not only not fly the flag they even burn it They dictate that all businesses have no English signs anywhere or be fined. No English road signs, they even have their own emigration department that is separate from Canada. You twits that are badgering Danny Williams for wanting justice can shove it and when we see you addressing the lopsided sucking up to the Frogs then maybe we can talk, until then; engage in sex and travel.


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Well said. Agree 100 percent.

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