Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Anger! Pure Anger!

Yesterday was a bad day; I was not feeling very well. I took a tumble and threw everything out of kilter. Joints were hurting the likes of which I have never felt before. I started to work on part two of "Cold Comfort" and quit early and went to bed. Today I gave it a go but had to take slave to the Immigration people and that exercise led to much gnashing of teeth which will provide grist for another blog. The upshot was that there was much on line searching and when I returned to my puter after diner to finish my blog for today.... it was gone ... all gone.... along with the open cross refs that I had on minimize. Two days of great stuff.... gone. I turned to slave and said in a loud voice, no, I screamed, "What did you do?” She had sat down and exited everything I had up except, to add insult to injury, "Bookmarks manager." I am too....too, no, never mind, I am going for a walk, the wind is screaming outside and the temperature is falling but I have to get out.


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